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Planning with your Officiant

Ceremony by Design is about being able to celebrate significant life events with secular ceremonies - your way.

Weddings are the only ceremony that have a a few legal requirements that must be met, but otherwise the format is entirely up to you. You can create your own (and legal requirements will be inserted), select a finished ceremony, or pick and choose sections of various ceremonies you like.

Contact your officiant to set an initial meeting.


Officiant will arrive approximately 30 mins. in advance of the ceremony. During the ceremony it is your time to pay attention to each other, and savour the moment

Meet with officiant 4-6 weeks before the wedding to finalize your ceremony, and verify logistics. Full payment on balance can be in advance, or in cash or certified check the day of the wedding. 

Receive your email package to plan your ceremony.






Purchasing your Licence

from your local Municipal Clerk's Office


Any couple planning to get married in Ontario must purchase a marriage licence within 3 months of the wedding. You can purchase your marriage licence from any Municipal Clerk's Office in Ontario. Prices do vary but normally only by a few dollars.

One member of the couple needs to apply in person but both applicants will need to have signed the application. Two pieces of identification are needed per applicant. Once issued, licences are valid for 90 days from date of issue.

Your Wedding Officiant

Richelle Monaghan, PhD (Biology), Humanist Wedding officiant

Richelle is a researcher, scientist and educator by day. She loves the energy and optimism of university students, and particularly enjoys teaching anatomy, physiology and cell biology. Her hobbies include canoe tripping, squash, and officiating weddings. 

"Officiating a couple's wedding is an honour. It is also an opportunity to contribute to a couple's life, and society, with the goal of promoting equality and respect. "

Richelle has been married for 16 years and looks forward to sharing many more years with her husband, Mike.

Ceremony by Design

At the meeting determine what services you want and provide a deposit.